Sycamore District
Disabilities Awareness
Merit Badge Counselors

Per the BSA, Scouts should read the merit badge pamplets on the subjects they're studying-
These are available at the Scout Shop and online at
For reference, here is a link to requirements at

Town Counselor Phone Email
Algonquin Kathy Lehman (847) 458-2542
Algonquin Sheri Geisheckler (847) 658-0357
Crystal Lake Brenda Rohde (815) 477-2118
Crystal Lake John Walsh (815) 459-4837
Crystal Lake Kurt Schneider (815) 477-0441
McHenry Dawn Olson * only instructs T149  
Richmond Terry Schepler (815) 477-0852
Spring Grove Kristin Kroll (847) 973-0745
Wonder Lake Jana Peppin (815) 653-7085
Wonder Lake Valery Eddy (815) 370-9203
Woodstock Jeffrey Paulson (815) 353-4085
Woodstock Kristi Skytte (815) 206-5449
Woodstock Roseann Murphy (815) 337-0457

* Some Merit Badge Counselors only take appointments from Scouts in their home troops.

If you can't find yourself, or someone you're looking for - a list of Merit Badge counselors that recently "dropped" registration is available here.


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