swimmingCamping out is a great way to spend time together. It is a setting that makes it possible for kids and adults to learn something new about the world that we all live in. However, there are times when it isn’t so great to have the together time. It can become too much since many people want their own space at times as well. For this reason, many boy scout camp grounds are upgrading camping quarters to give the adults a quiet place to relax after a day of scavenger hunting with the kids.

Nature’s Beauty and Together Time

scavenger huntsDuring the day, explorers are out exploring. There are swimming events, bow and arrow target practices, games to play, and a lot of stories to tell. The kids and adults spend time looking at different leaves, learning about various types of moss and finding the one that can be used as soap or as a fire starter, and more. It is all about learning and working together as a team to make the most of the outdoor experiences that can be found there. It is a great time for everyone. When the sun goes down, there are ghost stories to be told and marshmallows to roast. The togetherness doesn’t end. This can become overwhelming for camp counselors and scout leaders who enjoy having their own space once the sun goes down. Therefore, many opt to bring along their own RV or camper to give themselves a quiet place to relax.

The Camper’s Choice

camperThe camp counselors who choose to bring their own fifth wheel or RV quickly discovers that it isn’t enough to have their own space. They find themselves very tired at the end of a day chasing children through the woods, so they may add new mattresses to their camper’s bedroom. They may also worry about curious kids searching their camper on a scavenger hunt, and may choose to upgrade to a Jayco door latch. Many have a stove and a microwave so that they do not have to eat the camping food that the kids enjoy. By making little tweaks to ensure they are comfortable, most counselors and scout leaders say that they are better with the kids the next day.

The Upgrades Make a Difference

As a parent, we all know that having one or more child can be exhausting. Camp leaders and those who take part in camping events with the scouts have sometimes 20 kids at once. Each child has their own personality, confrontations do occasionally take place, and things get messy. Without a break during a week-long outing, every adult ends up feeling stressed out, even if they have the best group of kids they could hope for. Having a space that is just for them, space where they do not have to hear kids whispering all night long or where every moment of their week is spent with 8-year-old kids; they are able to rest up for the coming day. This makes it easier to have fun throughout the entire week and most who have an RV or camper say they will never go back to the old way of camping with the scouts.